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Letters | Cormorant killing wrong for many reasons; Support Lee Bright as U.S. Senator; Traffic article insults motorcyclists; Myrtle Beach area needs more courses willing to host adaptive golf sessions

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Reasons abound for halting

cormorant hunting

I am always saddened to read about wildlife "culling" for the convenience or comfort of humans. It is an inhumane and temporary fix when there are usually other solutions. In my opinion, there is no justification for killing innocent animals.

The recent cormorant killing is especially disturbing because even after the reported killing of 12,113 birds, the people on the affected lakes claim that there are as many cormorants on the water this spring as ever.

That statement alone should be reason enough to halt the program permanently. That the DNR was stunned to have 1,225 people come forth to hunt these migratory birds is also reason for concern. And the fact that 705 of these people, well over half, did not return the required reports from this month-long hunt should raise more than enough ire to put a permanent stop to the program. It's not polite to fool with Mother Nature.

Piper Belanger

North Myrtle Beach


Article on rally traffic

insults motorcyclists

I take offense at Tonya Root's article in The Sun News on May 5, which began by berating a large group of visitors, stating: "With the start of the first annual motorcycle week just days away, area police said they want residents and visitors to have patience and understand there will be poor manners and traffic violations on area roads during the height of the rallies."

While my permanent home is not in the Strand area, I do own a house there, and along with my family, typically visit the beach six or eight times each year. and have been coming down for Bike Week for many years. As a retired law enforcement officer, I can assure you that every time I visit, I see "poor manners and traffic violations." These actions are certainly not limited to those of us who ride motorcycles and who enjoy the beach rallies on them.

Ron Stowe

Jamestown, N.C.


Course made golf possible

for those with special needs

Special thanks should be extended to Possum Trot Golf Course for sponsoring the annual Adaptive Golf Clinic. It gave many the opportunity to enjoy a game of golf. My husband had not played for two years due to his Parkinsons.

Others who attended were carrying a medical burden that inhibited their golf game. The folks were so helpful. Melinda Chappell, Mike Warner and his wife and others need to be recognized for their help in this wonderful day. It is sad that this only happens once a year.

Aren't there other golf courses who would be willing to give two hours of their course to such clinics?There are many who really would benefit from this experience and regain the ability to play golf. The young man, Michael, was once paralyzed from the neck down and here he is encouraging others to enjoy the game they love. Talk about courage and determination and the right attitude. They have it all. How inspirational to see those who had strokes or lost a limb or suffer from another medical problem that stopped their playing golf.

Beverly A. McGovern



Lee Bright best choice

to replace Graham

Senator Graham has constantly been an ally of Progressives, and they see him as their favorite Republican senator along with Senator John McCain. Sen. Graham has supported such Progressive initiatives such as amnesty, Cap and Trade, banker bailouts, abortion Supreme Court nominees Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, and even voted to fund Obamacare.

South Carolina deserves to have two conservative senators. Lee Bright, as a state senator, has valiantly fought for individual liberty, and has stood alone in his fervor for the U.S. Constitution.

He is a wonderful human being who dearly loves South Carolina and the United States.

John Katsanos

Myrtle Beach