Letters to the Editor

Letter | Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for seawall in exclusive Debordieu

The Sun News reported on May 9 that our illustrious, conservative, Republican legislators have agreed to help the private community of Debordieu rebuild their seawall.

Environmentalists and previous legislators agreed that seawalls contribute to extensive beach erosion. The 25 homes protected by this particular seawall are multimillion-dollar homes owned by extremely wealthy individuals. Money talks.

Our schools and deteriorating infrastructure could use this money. I strongly object to my tax dollars being used to help protect these properties.

Since they chose to build homes on precarious pieces of property, they should pay to protect their property, not the taxpayers. I personally protect my property and they should do the same.

This is just another instance of the middle class taxpayer paying for things the wealthy should be paying for themselves. Yes, I know they pay taxes, too. Yet, this is an example of a few taking advantage of many.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.