Letters to the Editor

Letter | After 37 years, tent rule has beachgoer heading elsewhere

I truly upset about this new tent law. I have visited Ocean Lakes in south Myrtle Beach every year (sometimes twice a year) for the past 37 years.

I cannot be out in the direct sun for medical reasons. Also, I have grandchildren that cannot be exposed for long as well. The umbrellas that you allow will not protect from the sun like the tents do. I have never seen a day that an emergency vehicle could not go behind these tents to have the access they needed.

My hope is that after the "powers that be" see how much money they will lose because people such as I will not be visiting these beaches until this law is withdrawn and hopefully then we can go back to enjoying the beaches again.

Why go to the beach when you can't enjoy it like you want to? This law prevents just that. Maybe it's time to find new beaches where real beach lovers can actually enjoy their vacations

The writer lives in Morganton, N.C.