Letters to the Editor

Letter | A surefire cure for television’s wasteland

Who was that thoughtful gentleman from 60 years ago who called television a vast wasteland? Think how much more he would have to complain about today, with hundreds of themed channels, most of them with completely unrelated content.

For instance:

The History Channel? It's nothing but a free advertisement for pawn shops

TruTV? Nothing but a glorification of southern white trash.

You want news? Don't try Fox. They remind me of the old saying that the narrower the mind, the broader the statement.

More news? Don't try HLN. That's the entertainment channel.

Entertainment? I'd rather they bring back 24 hours of classic TV. test patterns. That's much more entertaining.

And, what's with TV Land? It should be called Commercial Land. Fifty percent of air time goes to sponsor old programs that just weren't that good the first time around.

I can just hear it now: "We'll be right back with more commercials right after this brief message from our regularly scheduled program."

So what did I do? The only sane thing a person could do. I cancelled my subscription to pay TV. I went to the library and checked out some great books, settled back with a good drink and enjoyed the evening.

Oh, and by the way, that wise gent from so many years ago was Rod Serling.

The writer lives in Loris.