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Letters | Don’t let campaign mud blind you to truth; Honors to all Honor Flight volunteers; Clinton’s relationship with Republicans wasn’t rosy

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Don’t let campaign mud

blind you to truth

With the S.C. Governor’s race only seven months away the political commercials have begun. The trash and mud that is being thrown is unprecedented. The attack ads that we are subject to until election day are an insult to the voters of South Carolina. Instead of slinging mud at each other, tell us, the voters, what you plan to do for the citizens and State of South Carolina.

What worries me most is what kind of example and future are we setting for our children and grandchildren? Do we not care anymore about character? I will vote in November but it will be for a candidate who believes in God, family and a desire to make a difference in the lives of South Carolinians.

Stop the attack ads and really show us what South Carolina means to you.

Glenda Little

Myrtle Beach

Honor Flight

More thanks to all

who made trip possible

As one who was privileged to be on Honor Flight 7, I wish to thank all responsible: the founders of Honor Flights, the staff and volunteers, the airline and crew, Myrtle Beach Airport staff as well as family and friends who directed letters to all the veterans, which we received in the form of “Mail Call.”

A special thanks to all the caring people who came to the airport to welcome us home. Seeing all the Scouts, Knights of Columbus, Rolling Thunder, Blue Star Mothers, the band and other groups was the highlight of our eventful day. This day was an emotional experience I shall never forget.

Al Bauer

Surfside Beach


Clinton relationship with

GOP not a rosy one

Re: May 1 letter from David Barsalou, “Search for the facts behind the claims”

Mr. Barsalou's contention that "Republicans worked quite well with Bill Clinton..." is classic revisionist history.

Didn't they try to impeach him over his dalliance with an intern? Or does that meet the Republican definition of "working quite well together?"

Frank Menadier

Carolina Shores, N.C.