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Letters | Isn’t there a both/and solution to evolution debate?; We owe it to our offspring to solve immigration issue; Tent rule will curb visitors’ beach time;

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Isn’t there a both/and

solution to debate?

Is it possible that evolution vs. God is another example of "either-or" thinking? Can we move beyond this to embrace the idea that this argument may not be mutually exclusive?

Is there room for the teaching of God in evolution and visa-versa? Can we as open-minded individuals tackle this challenge?

William Ryan



We owe it to our offspring

to solve citizenship issue

I’ve seen a number of letters to the editor recently discussing the need for a discussion on immigration. I believe these editorials are definitely on to something. Immigration has all but completely disappeared from the news cycle and public dialogue.

We have to try and address this issue again soon if we want to spare our children and grandchildren the trouble of trying contain this difficult problem. Hopefully, Congress will recognize the severity of this dilemma and will work to find a meaningful solution in a timely manner because we’re quickly running out of it if we’re truly serious about fixing immigration in the United States.

Joe Thibodeau



Tent rules will restrict

beachgoers time outdoors

In this age of increased incidences of skin cancers, running the gamut from basal cell carcinoma to melanoma, the decision of the city council of Myrtle Beach to ban ALL types of shade devices except certain (rentable) umbrellas is a certain mistake. Folks can claim that they and their families were raised in the sun without these protections, but this is the very reason skin cancer is so prevalent now.

It can and often does take years for the damage to catch up to a person. I speak from personal experience in this matter, having been treated twice for the effects of too much sun in my youth. Now when my grandchildren visit us, we will be forced to restrict their time on the beach because a small cabana can no longer be used to protect them from the sun. Not a good move, city council, at least from a health perspective.

Renee Snider

Myrtle Beach

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