Letters to the Editor

Letter | Anti-Sheheen ad sending wrong message

Vincent Sheehen is running for governor. He came very close to winning four years ago. He has served in the minority of the South Carolina Senate during these last four years. Mr. Sheehen has advocated positions to correct our problems with domestic violence. What troubles me is the recent ads.

The Republican Governors’ Association released another ad attacking Vincent Sheehen for doing his work as a lawyer. After the first ad, the S.C. Bar Association sent out a message to all its members about the many things wrong in the ad. Many people were very critical of the ad. It attracted national attention. I questioned why would a group such as the Republican Governors release such an ad and then follow up with another one. The producers of the ad knew how to get a message out even if it was hidden. Most intelligent people would realize was what was wrong with the ad.

I realized the message that the Republicans were trying to communicate. In the upcoming election the women’s vote will be very important. South Carolina for the past 4 years has had Republican control of the legislature and the Governor’s office. All during the past 4 years South Carolina has ranked near the top in the country for the most deaths from domestic violence. The Republican legislature and Governor’s office has done little to attempt to solve this problem. They want to divert your attention from the fact they have done nothing and try to blame Vincent Sheehen for doing his job and working correctly within our legal system.

In the upcoming election, as the candidates come to seek your vote, ask them what they have done to correct the domestic violence problem in our state. Ask them what they will do if elected to correct the problem. Perhaps, if we elect the right people, we will no longer be one of the top states in the country for domestic violence.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.