Letters to the Editor

Letter | Say ‘no’ to proposed industrial marina at Bucksport

I am writing this letter in response to the proposed Bucksport Industrial Marina Facility. Let me start by saying: “No industrial park.”

I want to be very clear on my position on the matter. First as a preacher of the gospel, entrusted with stewardship responsibilities. Second as a citizen and resident of the Bucksport Community.

At a recent public hearing held to get public comments on the proposed Bucksport Industrial Marina Facility. Many promises were made to the residents of Bucksport, Horry County politicians and leaders. They were told the industrial marina would mean jobs for the community and nothing would be done that would hurt the community.

Our water supply alone is to great a risk.

The expectations to come from this proposal, the Bucksport Industrialized marina facility, do not begin to balance the dangerous possibilities of contamination, pollution and noise. Our way of life would be no more.

The Bucksport Community is not and never was meant to be an industrial park. This is a good idea in the wrong setting. You come to Bucksport and its marina resort for fresh air, boating, speed boating, fishing and a freedom to be. The Bucksport Marina, as is, has a spirit of freedom and relaxation.

The health of our natural lives cannot be measured by dollars. It may seem like fiction when I say this, but there are some things money should not buy.

Our leaders are asking the Bucksport Community to give up the wholesome life it leads now for fences and gates and “do not” signs.

Why don’t the Horry County politicians, business leaders and the marina owners, Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority, come to Bucksport and meet with the residents. Lets talk face to face honestly about each others’ needs and expectations.

The residents of Bucksport deserve to be heard and to participate in planning a future that will benefit everyone. I’ve always been told if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

No Industrial Park!

The writer lives in the Bucksport Community.