Letters to the Editor

Letters | Laws that kill future citizens shouldn’t be part of caring society; Whispering Pines a component in recent No.1 rating for Myrtle Beach golf

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Caring society wouldn’t

pass laws that kill future citizens

A thought : Why do we as a caring country who want good for its people, pass laws that kill its future people?

To me it just doesn't compute.

C B Miller

Myrtle Beach

Whispering Pines

Course a component

in recent No. 1 rating

“MB tabbed No.1 for golf” was a headline April 25 as reported by Alan Blondin. A poll by USA Today ranked Myrtle Beach a top golf destination.

One criteria was “at least one supreme public course” We have one, Whispering Pines. The City

Council and Mayor John Rhodes should make sure that this “supreme course” is maintained and preserved.

It was a public course that Tiger Woods started his journey to No. 1 in the world. Consider putting in “junior tees” to encourage young golfers to play. The children in Myrtle Beach and visitors need a course to play that has reasonable rates provided the city.

The course should not be expected to be “self-supporting.” It should be part of recreation or Golf Holiday or tourism budgets.

Mary Ann Fowler

Garden City