Letters to the Editor

Letter | Bottom line not place for Myrtle Beach to look in deciding Whispering Pines’ future

It is funny how the government works. Whispering Pines is a quiet golf course with a real charm about the place. Very challenging and is a lot of fun to play.

Now the city is looking solely at the bottom line and not considering anything that this course brings to the area. All golf course play is slow now, that doesn't mean that Whispering Pines has a problem. The reason the golf course is losing money is because the city is using the profits to pay accounting which is a part of the city's costs anyway, whether the golf course is there or not.

Here are the negatives. There will be people who will now lose their jobs at the course. If the city turns it into a park, there are large costs associated with upkeep that will not have an income stream to offset those costs.

Here is the bad part. The city doesn't take into account the fact that golf is a big attraction to this area. Hotels are filled, restaurants have more patrons, the amusement areas attract people; these are side line assets that don't show in the bottom line of a spread sheet.

The city should advertise the course more and attract more golfers. Bring back the leagues that departed when you broke this silly news broke a few months ago. Myrtle Beach, do your job and quit taking the easy way out.

Editor’s note: City leaders agreed in April to continue to operate Whispering Pines for another year as staff members determine if a vendor can take over management of the course.

The writer lives in Garden City.