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Letters | Social Security, Medicare do get government support; Put pressure on federal legislators to address energy issues; Instead of fee, Myrtle Beach library should join Horry system

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Medicare, Social Security

get government support

Re: April 27 letter from Colleen Flanagan, “Get your labels straight; I paid for Social Security”

Colleen Flanagan's asserting that the money she and others are receiving from Social Security and Medicare should not be called entitlements because they paid into the system for years is a common perception that is, on average, not supported by fact.

Emily Bradon, writing in the January 6, 2011 issue of the conservative-leaning U.S. News and World Reports, notes that a typical male gets back $72,000 more than he puts into Social Security and Medicare; a typical woman is likely to get back $192, 000 more than she put into the system.

As others have asserted, one is entitled to his own opinions but not his own facts. I collect Social Security too, Ms . Flanagan. Unlike you, I admit that part of it is an entitlement. Check the facts.

Gary Sattelmeyer

Surfside Beach


Pipeline OK, but not

energy solution

I am in favor of building the pipeline from the Carolinas using the best safety measure available. Transporting oil by truck or train has far more risk.

However, a writer spoke of Economics 101, the rule of supply and demand, and Ethanol.

1. It appears big oil is exempt from the supply and demand rule and we let them abuse it. Presently we are shipping more gas and oil overseas then we use.

2. It has been proven ethanol does not work, does not save energy and is ruining small engines.

We need to do something about this in Washington. The corn-producing states congressmen and senators make deals with other elected officials and the ridiculous EPA laws get passed regarding ethanol.

Washington must do something about exporting our natural resources. We need to put pressure on our federal elected representatives or vote them out.

Robert Santoro

Calabash, N.C.


Instead of fee, join

Horry system

Charging Myrtle Beach residents a $125 a year membership fee to use the Chapin Memorial Library should encourage more support for the possibility of its becoming part of the Horry County Library System.

That should solve the budget shortfall Budget Director Michael Shelton expects.

Janice Cooney

Myrtle Beach