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Letters | Korean vet thankful for Honor Flight experience; Tent rules not only laws that aren’t enforced on Myrtle Beach-area coast; Residents should have gotten a vote on 707 widening

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Honor Flight

Korean vet grateful

for efforts by all

As a Korean War vet was lucky enough to go on the final trip to Washington D.C. on the last honor flight on April 16.

This was one of the greatest days of my life I would like to thank everyone that made this great day. To all the people and companies who made donations to the people who put this together for the hats, shirts and books I say thank you. A special thanks goes to Mickey Williams for her help answering all the items I asked. Thanks also to my guardian who was given to me by the board, this was Bill Foster. He did a great job of wheeling me all day in the airport and Washington D.C.

I say thanks to all; it was something you remember all your life.

Tom Coba

Calabash, N.C.


Tent rules not only laws

that aren’t enforced

Re: April 19 letter from Kathy Devine, “Bans passed, enforcement challenges remain”

I agree some laws of the beach are not enforced but you left out a couple of things.

There are signs “No Fireworks Allowed” but it is very apparent that some people ignore the rules and set them off every night at all hours. They disturb residents and leave firework debris on our lovely beach, not enforced.

No pets at certain times but some people walk them and they run around and urinate and drop feces, and that law isn't enforced either.

I do appreciate the ban of tents. The beach is not a campground. They block the view of the lifeguards if someone is in distress in the ocean or on the beach. Some people want the tents to protect them from getting skin cancer. My advice to them is get an umbrella, wear a hat, use sun block or stay home.

Arlene Isoldi

Surfside Beach


Residents should have

gotten to vote on 707 work

This is concerning the widening of S.C. 707. I think this project should have been voted on by the people who live on S.C. 707.

As you can see, it is already an absolute mess. This project is going to be the biggest abortion to hit South Carolina. It's going to take twice as long and cost two to four times as much as predicted. There are plenty of roads in the local area that need plenty of repairs. It's too bad that all this money is going to be wasted on something that is not needed. Plus, I haven't stated all the problems this will create; all the palms and live oaks that are wasted.

Gerald Duval

Murrells Inlet