Letters to the Editor

Letter | Lack of puppy mill law cruel, wasteful

Your taxes are funding the abusive and horrific business of over breeding dogs in inhumane conditions.

North Carolina is a leading state in puppy mill breeding. Other states have controls, so these unethical people are moving to North Carolina, where our Sen. Bill Rabon will not let the bill come to the Senate even though it is approved by the House and the Governor.

He feels all powerful and does not listen to 90 percent of his constituents who want the bill passed into law now. Weekly puppy mill busts are costing us, as is having to euthanize many dogs and pups. It costs N.C. taxpayers $140 to euthanize one dog.

What a cruel and wasteful practice. Tell Sen. Rabon we don't want to fund these breeders without having a say. Senator, it is your sworn duty to represent us. Pass this bill now.

And now, legislators in South Carolina are trying to end low-cost spay and neuter and wellness clinics at shelters. Is there no morality in our states? We should protect the innocent, not cause them pain.

The writer lives in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.