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Letters | Immigration issue too important to be forgotten; Applause for Prince and his stand against tent rule; Newspaper must remember its responsibilities to community; Re-elect Probate Court Judge Edmonds

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Don’t drop ball

on critical issue

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about this issue. It’s refreshing to see some concern being expressed in the community about immigration. The other editorials had it right – why aren't we discussing this issue?

It’s surprising that the public, Congress and the President have taken such a nonchalant approach to this very real problem over the last six months. It was a huge issue last spring and summer and now it has completely made its way out of the news cycle.

We need to start talking about this issue again. The immigration issue is not going away and it’s not getting any better. If we continue to pretend as if it doesn’t exist, this country is going incur some major safety and economic problems in the near future.

Robin Quinn

Carolina Forest


Applause for Prince and

his stand against rule

As a melanoma survivor of 27 years, I want to thank Horry County Council member Paul Prince for his lonely stand on the use of beach tents.

Surely, beach safety and personal safety from the sun can be compatible by using guidelines about the location of tents and other devices. Had the tent ban been in place the last time my wife’s aging parents, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren visited us, we could not have chosen to spend family time on the beach.

The recent uproar about tents on the beach makes me wonder about the link between the ban of tents and what appears to be a decline in the rental of umbrellas and chairs.

Dan W. Moore

Calabash, N.C.


Paper must remember

its responsibilities to readers

Re: April 7 letter from Judith Cole, “Why isn’t newspaper tackling real issues of our communities?”

We wanted to give kudos and applause to Ms. Judith Cole. We have lived in New Jersey, Colorado, Florida, and now South Carolina where there were various choices in newspapers to read.

However, The Sun News is the only act in town around here. Indeed your newspaper would gain more respect if it presented the news and issues in a more balanced way.

Anthony & Ceferina Meli

Little River


Re-elect Edmonds

for probate judge

Deirdre Edmonds, our Probate Judge, has opposition in the June 10th primary.

Edmonds has been a very good judge by upholding the law and being sure that the law is followed in Probate Court. Judge Edmonds is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and the South Carolina School of Law and has the expertise to do the job.

If my estate were being probated in court, I would want a judge who could not be manipulated or outflanked by the lawyers representing the estate for another family member. I want the law upheld, enforced and followed. That is exactly what Judge Edmonds has been doing all these years.

Judge Edmonds has served us well these past 12 years, and I would hope and pray that we keep her in office.

Patricia G. Milley