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Letters | Outer continental shelf deserves exploration; Drilling off our coast comes at too high a price; Are GOP women willing to make less than men?

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Outer continental shelf

deserves exploration

A few weeks ago I read an interesting editorial in your paper regarding the potential energy resources located in the Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf. The more I think about these possibilities the more sense they begin to make.

After doing a little research, I found that during the early 80s various surveys were conducted and it was determined the shelf could contain as much as 3 billion barrels of oil and 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

If the estimates prove to be true imagine the jobs it would mean for our area considering the port in Georgetown. Capturing these energy sources would also result in greater economic liberty, helping to move our nation away from so many foreign entanglements. At minimum the federal government should allow for some additional testing so that we can explore this option and gather new data.

Rick Ammons

Murrells Inlet

Offshore drilling is bad

for South Carolina

Some politicians want us believe that drilling off the coast of South Carolina will set this country on a path to energy independence. But they are ignoring a few crucial facts.

First, the entire area offshore of the Atlantic Coast, from Maine to Florida, contains less than 3 percent of the oil and gas reserves in the United States, and South Carolina’s portion of that 3 percent is small. Second, oil is bought and sold on a global market, so oil drilled off the coast of South Carolina does not stay in the state. Even if the United States produced as much oil as it consumed every year, we would still import and export oil to and from foreign countries. This is how global commodities work.

Drilling off our coasts also threatens those jobs that depend on healthy oceans. The majority of jobs in Horry County, where Myrtle Beach is located, are related to the tourism industry. In Charleston, tourism contributes over $3.5 billion to the local economy.

Randy Sturgill

Oak Island, N.C.


Are GOP women OK

with lower wages?

Republican women of South Carolina, you must be so proud of yourselves. Apparently you are OK with getting paid 78 percent of what men get paid.

I am glad you agree that you should get less pay than me. Heck, the men of your party think so. Please continue to vote for the party that thinks you are worth less and votes to make sure that you are paid less.

Ron Pfeiffer

Surfside Beach