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Letters | Treatment by Myrtle Beach staff makes transplant happy to be a resident; Police not required to enforce tent rules; Monday after Masters got its start in Columbia; Time to stop arguing, start talking to solve immigration issues

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Treatment by city staff makes

Transplant happy to be a resident

I feel compelled to do something so I am writing this letter.

Recently I did something stupid. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren were visiting until the end of April. The trash cans were full and it was pick-up day. But I forgot to put the trash and recycling out for collection.

I didn't know what to do. So, I went on the internet and found the Myrtle Beach local government information website. There was a telephone number there to call for information. I did, expecting a message of “wait ‘till next week.” A wonderfully cheerful person answered and I explained what I had failed to do and asked for guidance. I was willing to transport the stuff anywhere. He hooked me up with another great person named Kim. She said she would send out a truck to fix my senior moment.

The respectful and helpful manner in which my problem was addressed makes me happy to pay my taxes. Myrtle Beach is a wonderful place to live.

Bill-a recent northern transplant. e

William Cobb

Myrtle Beach


Tent rule enforcement

doesn’t require police

I've been reading many articles on one reason for banning tents is the many hours wasted by the police trying to enforce the regulations. Why are we using police for this? Why not hire college students to enforce the regulations? I truly believe that safety was never the issue. I just have not been able to determine what is the real issue for banning tents.

Marijane Ambrogi

North Myrtle Beach


Stop arguing and start talking

to find right solution

Recently I’ve seen some different letters addressing our nation’s problem with illegal immigration. I think they bring up some good points. Shouldn’t we the public talk openly about this very real problem even though the national media has completely dropped their coverage?

The other letters are correct, this problem is going to grow out of control if it isn’t addressed soon. I believe the congress should at minimum have a substantive conversation about illegal immigration soon. Certainly we aren’t so naive as to believe that if we just ignore this problem it’ll conveniently go away. It’s here to stay unless we start talking and working together to find a solution.

Heather Ellis



Monday after the Masters

got start in Columbia

Monday after the Masters actually was started in Columbia by Mr. Jim Engram. The year was 1989 and the event was played at Spring Valley Country Club.

The golf tournament and name was his idea alone. I thought it would be nice to give Jim the proper credit for getting this started. I realize that other people have stepped up big time to make this a national event and that is great for the state of South Carolina.

Bill Lesesne