Letters to the Editor

Letter | Search for the facts behind the claims

Re: Feb. 20 letter from Roy E. Young, “Voters should realize harm by party”

Mr. Young in his recent letter goes on at length about numerous liberal talking points, however on most if not all issues, he is woefully uninformed. He mentions the spending of some of America’s conservative billionaires; maybe he could have mentioned how unions for the last 50 years have donated close to 100 percent to Democrats, so now they are upset that the court has leveled the playing field.

And maybe a little research on the Koch brothers will show that they are against ethanol subsidies, plus numerous other subsidies, so no Mr. Young, they are not asking for a handout.

Conservatives are against the President because his policies stink. He talks a good game but plays like a rank amateur. Liberals seem to forget that Republicans worked quite well with Bill Clinton, a president who was not divisive and who saw the merits of working with conservatives. Did you forget the success of Bill Clinton’s welfare, by the way a success that Obama saw fit to no longer enforce.

When he talks about cuts, Mr. Young needs to study “base-line budgeting,” a concept that no one uses except the government, it works this way, spending grows every year at about 7 percent a year, substantially more than the inflation rate and regardless of whether it is needed or not. So under U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan, all of the programs mentioned would be funded but in a more rational manner. And do not worry Mr. Young; you will not lose your Medicare and Social Security, as I suspect you are well over 50, making you a “grandfathered” person in these plans. So please read a little and learn what the reforms on these matters are about.

Mr. Young, did our most transparent president give you the breakdown on his ACA “enrollees,” as I sure missed it. Maybe you should be a little cynical of a reported number that just happens to exceed the stated goal of 7 million, this goal achieved in the last few days of enrolment, call me a doubting Thomas, but ... .

So you see, until such time as we have an informed electorate, this country will continue to be divided, as we cannot even agree on the facts pertaining to any one issue. I certainly lean right, and I would much prefer a system where people are lifted up the ladder, rather than keeping them at the same rung of the ladder. The elite Democrats would rather keep people dependant, living off Mr. Young, and continue to enjoy your dependency.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.