Letters to the Editor

Letter | Critics of Sen. Graham missing the point

The constant drum beat accusing U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of causing all the ills of amnesty is false and disingenuous. Sen. Graham is one senator out of 99 U.S. Senators who is attempting to resolve a very ticklish issue regarding the problems of illegal immigration. His skills and leadership are vital to the issue. The spin you hear on such idiotic terms as Gramnesty are downright demeaning and hogwash. Senator Graham loves the United States, his deeds, actions and service, prove it.

To paraphrase a recent writer who stated “Graham votes to give away your citizenship to people who are here illegally.” If the writer truly believes his rhetoric, it is unfortunate, as well as an inaccurate portrayal of Graham's accomplishments. Let me substantiate some instances where Graham has led i.e: the anchor baby bill, babies born to illegal mothers are not automatically citizens; stricter border security and enforcement; additional background checks, asylum, and visa overstays, Graham-Gowdy bill; a constitutional supporter of the Bill of Rights, especially of the Second Amendment; a co-signer of the Corker-Hoeven Border Surge bill, to protect the security of the borders.

The one issue of the lock-step gang is their commitment to stop Sen. Graham with the amnesty ploy. The naysayers can not recognize the excellent service the senator has provided for the citizen of South Carolina and for the nation. Graham’s dedication achieved the Protection Rights for Veterans Act (SCRA) S1999; Unborn, pain and suffering protection act; opposition to Obamacare; avoided the elimination of the Military Mine, Resistant, Ambush, Protection vehicle (MRAP) outfitted in S C; funds allocated for the deepening of Charleston Harbor, $40 million dollars for Port Georgetown; etc, etc.

On June 10th, it is my hope you look at the issues we face during these troubled times. Study the issues, then elect a person who will strive to protect the United States, get our economy rolling, have a strong military, protecting the constitution, help the veterans, will never give up on the issue of Benghazi, and will come up with the right plan on immigration. To me, that individual is Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.