Letters to the Editor

Letter | Anti-Sheheen ad really an anti-Constitution ad

OK, Nikki please say it ain’t so. Please tell me that you do not approve of the deplorable ad that goes after Vincent Sheheen for doing his job.

As an attorney it is Sheheen’s responsibility to defend people. Mr. Sheheen has done his job and in doing so he has incurred the wrath of the right-wing of the party. I guess that N.J. Gov. Chris Christie and his allies think that lawyers should only represent positions that they agree with. Apparently my constitutional rights are not valid any longer under the Republican party leadership.

I thought that I was entitled to the best defense I could get no matter what crime I was charged with. No matter how vile that crime was I was still entitled as an American citizen to a proper and wholehearted defense and my lawyer could not be harassed and made fun of for defending me.

Accusations made against Mr. Sheheen that he is everything but a baby killer for doing his job reflect poorly but on the party that produces such garbage.

Once upon a time, soon-to-be Republican President John Adams represented and defended British soldiers after the Revolutionary War. Yes that’s right, Adams, in his job as an attorney, defended the enemy.

Using the current Republican mantra he would have been castigated as a “traitor” for defending a Brit. It is a perfect example of why you should not attack lawyers for who they defend. Also, lest you forget, many times lawyers are assigned cases to be done pro bono and have no choice who they defend no matter how they feel individually.

They are required to do their job to the best of their ability and that includes defending even you as a human being and as an American citizen no matter what you have been charged with. Fortunately for us, Mr Sheheen agrees with and lives by those principles.

I would love to hear from some of you lawyers who are being subjected to this Republican attack. I have a feeling that most of you would feel the same way that I do. Citizens of South Carolina, please think about what you would like. Would you like to keep your constitutionally protected rights or would you prefer to be subjected to a violation of those rights under the Republican Party.

Surfside Beach

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.