Letters to the Editor

Letter | Current gun laws and perceptions leading us in the wrong direction

The current no tolerance policy that our schools have adopted with regard to guns is foolish. A picture of a gun is not a gun. It can hurt no one.

A pop-tart chewed in such a fashion as to resemble a gun is not a gun. Any person with a two digit I.Q. knows or should know this. God forbid if a group of children were caught playing cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers

In enforcing such a wrong-headed policy, schools are teaching that guns and anything that resembles a gun, even a pointed finger, are bad and cannot be tolerated. In a generation, guns will have been so demonized that it will be politically correct to hate not only them but also the people who own them

Guns are inert things. They can do nothing without a person using them. When bombers blow up people we blame the bomber, not the bomb.

The same should be true of guns. Let’s blame the bad people for what they do. Guns cause crime just like flies cause garbage. Yet that is the argument of the anti-gun folks.

Perpetuating this hatred of guns through our school system is just plain wrong. Some states like Florida are enacting laws to stop this foolishness. Let’s hope all other states do the same.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach