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Letters | Don’t leap to conclusions about Limbaugh’s comments; Safety a worthy goal in tent rule, consistency should be too;

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Don’t leap to conclusions

about columnist’s comments

There is not one word indicating lack of sensitivity and respect, control and bullying, arrogance or mean-spirited air of superiority in the David Limbaugh column on the same day as Mr. Bill Bonner's diatribe on the Limbaugh brothers’ “rants.” (April 6, “Limbaugh brothers cut from same cloth”)

Trust me, I looked for it. I believe it would serve Mr. Bonner and other like-minded people, to keep an open mind until we know if anything purported by Mr. Limbaugh is correct. That having been said, I'm assuming Mr. Bonner does not have some insider information confirming that the ACA is working as reported recently from the Rose Garden. I would also suggest Mr. Bonner watch a little more of “faux” news to get a fair and balanced look at our current political situation. It might enable him to make wiser choices in November 2014 and 2016.

Jay Stewart

Murrells Inlet


Safety a worthy goal;

consistency should be too

It was no surprise this morning to see The Sun News April 13 editorial coming out in favor of the tent ban. How can the county's major newspaper be against safety? Obviously, it cannot.

I have read and paid close attention to pretty much everything said and written on both sides of this issue, and am willing to grant that the primary reason for the ban is safety. Accepting that, however, begs the question as to why so many “safety” ordinances now in effect go ignored and unenforced by city/county leaders and their employees. Those of you who live here and frequent the beach know exactly what I am talking about. If I made a list my letter would not be printed for lack of space.

Safety is good. I get it. So how about some consistency in enforcement? That would make me a true believer.

Alex Zidovsky

North Myrtle Beach