Letters to the Editor

Letter | Limbaugh only telling it like it is

R e: April 11 letter from Lee Hood, “‘Arrogant’ description applies to Limbaugh, not Obama”

Wow. I have heard of killing the messenger and if Mr. Hood is willing to do so, he is doing so at his and his country’s peril. David. Limbaugh’s comments may be perceived as nasty and insulting to the ears of some but they are the absolute truth and no amount of Democratic talking points can change the facts.

Our President started his first term with control of both houses of the congress and what did he accomplish? The answer is The Affordable Health Care Act and a badly flawed economic recovery bill.

The results were devastating to any hoped for recovery and caused the Democrats to lose control of the House of Representatives in 2010. Obama would have lost the Presidency in 2012 if the people had known the truth about Benghazi’s four dead Americans, the IRS had not stopped all the Conservative Groups that were trying to get the truth out to the American people, Mitt Romney not been smeared with lies, and if the President had told the truth about keeping your health care plan and your doctor.

Republicans won the House of Representatives and you expect them/us to bow down to Obama as if he is king and not fight the inevitable disaster that we see coming just because he won We will not. We cannot know what we know and go down without a fight. That would be un-American!

You talk about wages getting lower for the 99 percent, well what has this President done to help them out? The answer is, nothing that will help. He issues regulations to drive the cost of energy up and that costs jobs. He proposes a higher minimum wage that will cost jobs, raise prices, hurt seniors and others on fixed incomes, and eventually the ones receiving the higher wage will be right back where they started with all the hurt that they started with. More private sector jobs would solve all of these problems: More jobs equal better pay.

There is no evidence that any more people have health insurance since the roll out of Obamacare, but there is evidence that the vast majority of Americans do not support Obamacare. There are probably more Americans that have lost their healthcare than have obtained it. One very important fact is that Obamacare is not better insurance than the people had, and if not for subsidies it costs more. The deductibles are higher, and the choices for providers are far more limited than the insurance most of us had. Get a policy and see the truth, then go around touting the great benefits.

You talk about compassion. Where is the compassion shown by this high-living President and his family to all the suffering in this country? Is it compassion when you refuse to develop the natural resources of this country and allow the Keystone Pipeline. Think about the jobs held by illegal immigrants that could go to needy Americans. How about the college graduates that can’t find a job and are resigned to staying on their parents insurance and staying at home for the foreseeable future.

We have had over five years of this and according to you, it is still the constitutionally elected Republicans in the House that are to blame for all that is wrong. Now that is a real stretch of anyone’s imagination.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach