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Letters | Replace Limbaugh with another conservative voice; Do business owners have right to discriminate by biblical laws?; Bush cartoon ‘below the belt;’ Myrtle Beach fees sending tourists elsewhere; Candidate demonstrates hazardous drivi

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Replace Limbaugh with

another conservative voice

Like so many snowbirds who spend our winters in North Myrtle Beach I thoroughly enjoy the friendliness of the people on the Grand Strand. I read The Sun News each day and I would like to suggest you replace David Limbaugh's weekly column with a more respected conservative writer like David Brooks of the New York Times and PBS television.

I thoroughly agree with Bill Bonner's article in The Sun Times entitled “Hypocrisy: Limbaugh's brother cut from same cloth.”

Let's put political debate at a more professional level.

Bob Gallione



Do business owners have right

to discriminate by biblical laws?

Re: April 8 letter from Roger Rolfe, “Business owners don’t have the right to discriminate against gay patrons”

I'm writing in response to the letter from Mr. Rolfe, who was replying to a March 16 letter by William Durant, “We have right to choose how to live our lives.”

It seems Mr. Durant has an issue with providing his services for same sex couples, based on religious grounds. This is discriminatory for sure. For the same Bible teaches adherence to the Ten Commandments, which would lead to the following scenario, in his understanding of the teachings.

In this line of thought, Mr. Durant would also need to refuse his services to divorcees who wish to remarry, for one has violated their vow of, “Till death do us part” and the other partner would be an adulterer, for having taken his neighbor's wife. My wife was separated when we met and began seeing each other and divorced before we married. That was just under 32 years ago.

Thankfully, Mr. Durant wasn't someone from whom we would have sought help for this event, as he would have had to refuse, based on religious grounds. Whew.

Robert Johnston



Myrtle Beach costs sending

visitors elsewhere

Let's see if I have this right. The City of Myrtle Beach wants us to pay for parking in the city limits through the end of October so we can pay higher taxes for meals and such.

I don't know about anyone else, but there are plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues in the surrounding areas. Kudos to the greedy politicians of Myrtle Beach. Great decision.

Peter Brimlow



Get your labels straight;

I paid for Social Security

I and countless other are disgusted and appalled at those calling Social Security and Medicare “entitlements.”

Entitlements are welfare, SNAP, EBT, free cell phones, etc. I have been working since the age of 14. My employers and I have paid into Medicare and Social Security for 48 years. Now 62, I have begun to receive Social Security, which I have contributed to almost my entire life. It is a slap in the face to have it referred to as entitlement. Their audacity turns my stomach.

Colleen Flanagan

Little River


Candidate demonstrates

hazardous habit

The recent series of commercials for political candidate David Rouzer show him driving a vehicle while looking sideways and talking to a camera. Has anyone noticed that what he is demonstrating is the extremely dangerous practice of driving while distracted. Great example Mr. Rouzer.

Lamont Heppe

Calabash N.C.


Cartoon of Bush

below the belt

Re: April 12 editorial cartoon by Lee Judge, “George W. Bush takes up painting”

I can only describe it as disgusting and mean-spirited. This wonderful man who has been the most compassionate than any before, and certainly the present, president. He has always demonstrated his love for this country, both openly and more often, privately, than any president before as well.

The liberals place our involvement in Iraq solely on him and this is a grave travesty of the truth. The U.S. Congress gave him the authority to do this by a large majority, including the likes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The cartoon was below the belt. Shame on you.

Russell N Barringer, Jr.

Myrtle Beach, Durham, N.C.