Letters to the Editor

Letter | Keystone Pipeline would be boon, not threat to South Carolina

Re: April 9 letter from Frank Knapp Jr., “Pipeline a threat to S.C. coastal tourism”

Mr. Knapp made a catastrophic warning to the readers of The Sun News that the construction of the Keystone Pipe line will cause a disaster to S.C. tourism because it will cause coastal flooding ,with not one fact to back his statement other then it would contradict everything Secretary of State John Kerry has proclaimed his position to be.

He states that the fuels derived from Canadian tar sands are dirtier and would “clearly exacerbate climate change”. This statement is untrue. The Keystone will transport crude to Texas where ExxonMobile is already processing heavy crude. These facilities have emission limits imposed by the EPA and they are required to meet them no matter what they are refining.

Today there are 200,000 miles of pipeline in the US with minimal safety standards. The Keystone pipeline will have 57 new safety requirements including 1,000 sensors indicating pressure and leak issues. One pipeline today called the Big/Little inch has carried 300,000 barrels of oil and gas a day from Texas to New Jersey under the Mississippi River over the Allegheny mountains across 10 states, under 30 rivers in severe weather conditions for 70 years without making any headlines with an oil spill.

Today all the Canadian Tars sands oil is being transported by rail, the most dangerous way to transports oil. A bigger threat to our environment not even mentioned by Mr. Knapp is the forced use of ethanol mixed with gas which destroys engines and cuts down the miles per gallon in the vehicles we use. It takes millions of ton of fertilizers, pesticide's and irrigation water to grow corn. These are dumped on the soils that drain directly above aquifers and pollute them. Also, all the polluted water ends up in our rivers and streams and drain to the oceans. 500 gallons of water is required to grow and process the corn for each gallon of ethanol produced.

The Keystone Pipeline will help tourism in South Carolina if built. A safe available supply of crude from a friendly neighbor will increase our supply of gasoline . A simply fact in Economics 101 is the larger supply of anything the lower the cost. The less gas costs, the more money a person has to spend the more can be spent on vacations and travel to South Carolina.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.