Letters to the Editor

Letter | Swing bridge solution sorely needed in Socastee

I am responding to a recent letter about the Socastee Swing Bridge. The writer is so right about the lack of schedule for the opening of this bridge. I am unfortunate enough to live near it and have to wait for it at least several times a day. It seems obvious to me that boat traffic takes precedence over road traffic at all times. The bridge appears to open almost immediately for any boat that approaches, causing traffic backups from Forest Brook Road and beyond to Bi-Lo on Old 544.

It doesn't seem to matter if it is a rush hour or if school buses are stopped in traffic, just so the boats don't have to wait. I really don't understand this, nor do I understand why there can't be a schedule for the opening of the bridge. I am told by residents who have lived here longer than I have that there used to be a schedule.

My solution, sadly, is going to be to move away from this area, but I agree with the previous writer: Something needs to be done about this issue.

Pat Pauley