Letters to the Editor

Letter | It’s time for leaders to stand up to ‘imperial presidency’

Everyone from the US Congress to Europe to the ubiquitous mainstream media has roundly condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s total disregard for international law and the sovereign rights of the Ukrainian people. Putin has figuratively put his thumb to his nose and wagged his fingers at Europe, at NATO, the western alliance, and most assuredly at the United States.

Threats of retaliatory sanctions by the aforesaid roll off his back like water from an implacable duck.

But do we see any such meaningful condemnation emanating from our Congress, any retaliatory actions calculated to thwart our president’s unmistakable disregard for Constitutional proscriptions, for trampling over our sovereign rights? Do we not have another implacable duck paddling around with pen and phone to his beak?

Were our founders so obtuse as not to foresee the possibility of an imperial presidency and thus craft in our nation’s framework a system of checks and balances to ensure the preservation of the people’s inalienable rights?

Why have our elected representatives stood by haplessly, mouthing sterile platitudes, as their power, invested in them by our Constitution, is systematically eroded time and time again by one man’s obsession in reforming our nation to his liking?

Is this president’s race so intimidating a factor that those who willing sought the role, the sacred duty, of preserving our nation as founded, will abandon their oath, their pledge of fidelity, to avoid being labeled racist?

Where are the true statesmen? Sadly, I see none.

The writer lives in Caroline Shores.