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Letters | South Carolina needs an anti-texting law; Was judge’s decision in non-profit theft case an April Fool’s joke?; Johnny Vaught the right choice for Horry council

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Law to ban texting

while driving a no-brainer

Horry County Council, Myrtle Beach Council members, do you think it's a good idea to drive a motor vehicle as drunk?

We all know the correct answer.

Then, why don't you take a resolution position to have a state law banning the practice of cell phone/texting use while driving? I'm sure you know that 48 states have such a law. Do you like losing a ball game 48-2?

It's a no-brainer to take a strong position. If you were to consult with your police department you'd find how dangerous it is.

It's a no-brainer, and I believe you all have some brains. Do the right thing.

Fred Portway

Myrtle Beach


Was judge’s decision

meant as April Fools joke?

Regarding the article on April 1, (“Dayo White, guilty of stealing money from Five Rivers nonprofit, no longer ordered to pay restitution”) in The Sun News, I was surprised to read that the former Chief Financial Officer of Five Rivers does not have to pay back over $31,000 of taxpayers’ money that she defrauded and stole from the State of South Carolina.

The judgment could also affect her credit rating and spare her from going to prison under her probation stipulation. What a “shame” or should I say what a “sham.” This opens the doors for other non-profit organizations to do the same knowing that they might just get a slap on the hand. As a whole, non-profit organizations are truly trying to help people get out of the hole and this judgment just makes it harder for them to get the much-needed funds and help (which I will continue to support). Something is wrong when the judicial system (as this is the fourth failure to pay restitution) went unchecked, stating that the defendant could not pay due to financial challenges.

We all have had financial challenges. I hope the Federal Government pursues this further and does not let the former CFO get off with a slap on the hand. I guess sometimes crime does pay.

Raymond G. Dossat



Johnny Vaught right choice

for Horry County District 8

As a District 8 resident, Johnny Vaught understands the need for infrastructure improvement in critical locations like U.S. 501, and the very dangerous intersection of Technology Drive, William Finlayson Road, at Singleton Ridge Road near Conway Medical Center. He is committed to proper planning and development to better address these needs.

Johnny promotes a less intrusive government. He respects the rights of citizens to work together toward common solutions in their own neighborhoods. He will work to keep property taxes low and actively oppose burdensome regulations on small business.

Johnny seeks the District 8 seat as a true place of service to the people of Horry County, not a political stepping stone. His family ties to this area date back to the 1700s, prior to the establishment of the county itself. Johnny was born in Horry, grew up here, and will remain here. He has a heart for the residents and knows the issues. His desire is truly for the betterment of all Horry citizens.

I am looking forward to voting for Johnny Vaught for District 8 council seat and I encourage others to consider him. Please visit his website to learn more. http://voteforvaught.com/

Mike Cooper