Letters to the Editor

Letter | Easter season provides another chance at a new beginning for America

The good book says, in Romans tenth chapter, verse nine, if you will believe in the Lord Jesus and believe that God has raised him so divine; he will wash away all your tears He will take away all your fears... for God has given Him the power to do so.

Easter is a special time of year that we set aside to reflect on our Lord Jesus. He left his place next to God and came to earth to remind people that God Loves us and is still waiting to hear from us.

When America was discovered people braved the waves and bitter storms of the seemingly endless ocean for the better life that lay ahead. People worked from sun-up to sun-down just to exist and prayed for better days; and God must have heard their prayers. People prospered and were happy with their lives. People in business were happy to make a few cents on the dollar and they became rich and were happy.

What has happened to our America?

It seems that everything our forefathers worked to accomplish is being taken away. One of the worst offenders is [the trickle-down economic philosophy. What about our voting rights: Should voters be harassed and intimidated?

What about our children's education, is that now an unimportant issue? What about our billing system -- It used to be you got a bill for service rendered, and you paid the bill; now you have at least a half dozen service add-ons. Is this the New American Way, Is this what you call fair? Are you kidding me?

Bring back the days when I could double my savings every 12 years, then maybe more of our citizens could send their kids to college.

God Bless America and again shed your grace on us

Myrtle Beach

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.