Letters to the Editor

Letter | Of tents and parking meters and helmets: Isn’t it funny how laws work?

It seems funny to me, that every time we have things going great, we have to figure out a way to make it better. Then in the process, it usually makes matters worse.

I am the type that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Yet our politicians cannot stand to leave things alone. At Surfside Beach they are now going to raise the parking rates, Myrtle Beach is going to restrict parking areas, Horry County has now passed a tent restriction.

None of this is for the betterment of the people who flock to these beaches to enjoy a relaxing time of sun and surf. Do you remember the helmet law? Wasn't that a nice fiasco. Surfside Beach obviously is spending more money than it takes in. It is sort of like Stockton, Calif., and Detroit, Mich. The money they take in is not enough to offset what they are giving out.

The welfare system is out of control. People are getting welfare who do not deserve it or are illegal and are not entitled to it; yet they somehow get it. Way to go politicians, they have let it get to a point where they can't fix it.

Now the tent law. Having a tent on these beaches in the dead of summer is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Proper spacing of them would solve the problem, but not according to our politicians -- eliminate them. Make our visitors sit in that heat and burn.

If there was a problem with access for emergency vehicles, then allow the tents and have them placed so that an emergency lane is always open. That would be the best of both for everyone. Watch this law go the way of the helmet law. It is amazing, that it has taken these governments some 30 years to figure out that tents are a problem. They have never been a problem, an imaginary problem, but I have yet to hear of someone that has died on this beach because emergency vehicles can't get to them. I have seen emergency vehicle overload, in other words, six vehicles showing up when only one is necessary. Somehow they did get on the beach, even with all those tents.

I would say the politicians should come to their senses, but since they have no sense, it is not possible. Thanks for listening.

The writer lives in Garden City.