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Letters | Look closer at who benefits from tent ban; Immigration problem warrants more discussion; ‘Unbelievable’ slogan not a hit with Pelicans fan

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Investigation needed

into real reason for ban

It seems as though, perhaps, a dichotomy exists between balancing the rights of beach goers with that of local municipalities as they push to ban pop up canopy tents from being permitted on Grand Strand beaches.

I propose, the reasoning behind their motives to ban tents is not, at all, altruistic in nature, but rather solely based on the potential loss of revenue by government run and private contracted beach services, who rent beach umbrellas to locals and tourists alike.

The main issue at hand is how the government is systematically impeding private citizens from using our public spaces by enacting legislation that would give well connected local business and in fact governments themselves, an unfair advantage by effectively outlawing beach tents. If the government wanted to make our beaches safer, they would establish designated areas for tents or emergency vehicle access lanes, not the complete prohibition of tents. For all the taxpayer money spent annually on luring prospective tourists to our local beaches, surely there is a fair and equitable compromise for both parties.

Teddy H. Rosenthal

Surfside Beach


Time is past due

for working together

There was a good editorial recently regarding the necessity for more discussion about the issue of immigration. I believe that editorial is exactly right. Why aren’t we talking more about immigration? If we don’t deal with this problem now, future generations will never be able to get this situation under control.

Two things have to happen in order to deal with immigration. First, we have to actually talk about the problem and then we have to work together to find a solution. This country has dealt with much more difficult situations in the past, and I believe with a little effort, some courage and teamwork our country can overcome this problem by finding a solution that works for citizens and law abiding immigrants.

Jon Bonsignore

Myrtle Beach


Pelicans struck out

with new ad campaign

I wholeheartedly agree with Georgeann Feldman of Little River that the new 2014 Marketing slogan of the Pelicans is a disgrace.

They have prided themselves on being a family venue and are now showing a total disregard for decency and family values. What I find “unbelievable” is that they had the nerve to produce such a slogan and the arrogance to think that the public would embrace it. Shame on you, Kristin Call, senior director of marketing of the Pelicans.

Perhaps you should have done your homework also. A group of pelicans is not a flock, it's a squadron.