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Letters | Who will enforce tent-ban laws?; Support for Truett, Magliette in Surfside run-off

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Bans passed, enforcement

challenges remain

In response to the Horry beach tent ban, what good will it do the council to vote either way. [The Horry County Council passed the ban Tuesday.] Who will enforce the law? We all know that the beach laws are broken every day.

Is it OK to tell a family they can't put up a tent because it is the law BUT that same family may have to sit next to a bunch of rowdy, obnoxious, foul mouth drunks because the beach police look the other way when it comes to the “no alcohol” law. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind having a drink or two on the beach. It is the fact that it is against the law and not enforced.

It also against the law to surf on the beach before 3 p.m. and skim boarding is considered surfing. Some lifeguards allow skim boarding and others do not. The law is not enforced as it should.

Go ahead and vote the tents out but if you enforce that law enforce all the laws of the beach.

Kathy Devine

North Myrtle Beach


Support Magliette

on April 22

Surfside Beach is known for small-town politics and the curious state of being politically torn, or divided over almost every town issue. After the recent election to fill three of seven seats, only two were filled. On April 22, there will be a runoff between Ralph Magliette at and Sammy Truett to fill the third vacant seat.

These are the reasons I will be voting for Ralph. Ralph is the kind of guy who actually reads all of the background information before he shows up for the meeting. He is very intelligent, logical and practical. Other than his home, he does not have property or other financial investments in the town that could lead him to a second agenda. He is retired, really retired. He has the time and energy to put action behind his words as evidenced by his significant contributions to the community through volunteer work.

He is an honorable man of principles. There just is no mud to sling at Ralph. I have worked alongside him as a volunteer, and I have known him as a neighbor and a friend for 2 1/2 years. Please vote for Ralph on April 22.

Nancy Jo Weber

Surfside Beach

Truett will serve

Surfside best

The town of Surfside Beach needs a councilman with the leadership, morals, values and principles that Sammy Truett possesses.

These are the type of qualities our elected officials are supposed to have. His selfless approach is refreshing and will be beneficial when representing the citizens of Surfside Beach.

Kim Raines

Surfside Beach

Surfside needs Truett

on town council

Sammy Truett has lived for years in and served our town admirably in the past. He has the integrity, background, experience and commitment to represent our town the right way. He understands our council needs to work together. Our officials and meetings do not need to be judged by their “maverick attitude” or viewed for their “entertainment value.”

The limits to our future growth and prosperity are being self-induced. Improving our image can best be accomplished by someone with a business background who depends on that every day. We have to understand the damage of regulatory changes before we enact them – not after.

Compare what the two run-off candidates can bring to council – they are both good guys but Sammy has the business knowledge and the history of service to the town. No learning curve needed here. Let’s not lose this opportunity to return Sammy Truett to council.

Ken Harbin

Surfside Beach