Letters to the Editor

Letter | Horry United Way seeks help with May Day baskets for seniors

It’s the time of year for a project that is very dear to our hearts here at United Way of Horry County. It’s the 14th year for the “Make Someone’s May Day” event, in which we fill bags with toiletries and small gifts to be delivered to those who get home-delivered meals through Horry County Council on Aging and Mobile Meals of the Grand Strand.

It’s my first year heading up the project. But I already see its importance. The delivery drivers tell me how much the homebound folks enjoy these little packages. Each time I talk to someone else, they make sure I understand that these may seem like simple things to us, but they mean a great deal to the older folks who have trouble leaving their homes.

It’s tough to believe we have 750 people in that situation here in Horry County. Seven hundred fifty people who are dependent on a home-delivered meal. Seven hundred fifty people who look forward to such a simple gift.

It makes me think of my grandparents, who get out, but it’s a struggle. It reminds me of how much they look forward to visits, not necessarily from family, from anyone. And I know how much joy it brings them to know someone, anyone, was thinking about them that day.

We hope you can help us help those 750 people here in Horry County know we are thinking about them. You can pick up a bag, fill it with shampoo, toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, deodorant, tissues, lotion or powder, and a gift of your choosing (stationary and pens, puzzle books, sugar-free candy, slippers). Or, you can just buy a few of the supplies or send us a monetary donation towards the project. The bags are available at any Chamber of Commerce office in Horry County, Easy 105.9 Radio, Myrtle Beach Mall, and the United Way of Horry County office.

The project wraps up on April 25 so the bags can be delivered on May Day. Call us at 347-5195 for any additional information.

We appreciate anything you can do to help us with the project. We hope you find some fulfillment in helping us “Make Someone’s May Day.”

The writer is spokeswoman for The United Way of Horry County.