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Letters | Thanks to generous souls who help Lions Club; Insurance enrollment period nothing new; Pondering life’s mysteries on the roads, in the theater

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Thanks to donors who

Make projects possible

The Myrtle Beach Lions Club recently completed our fifth annual Charity Luncheon & Silent Auction at Carrabbas Italian Grille. This event is a major fundraiser for our club and 100 percent of the money raised goes back into the community in the form of providing eye glasses and hearing aids for needy children and adults; high school scholarships and support for the Grand Strand Miracle League plus other worthwhile projects.

We want to thank Craig Payne and his staff at Carrabbas plus the many contributors to our silent auction from the business community and of course, the many friends and neighbors who attended our luncheon.

Myrtle Beach is truly a generous and wonderful community and we hope to continue to serve those less fortunate than ourselves. However, only with members can we do that so if you are interested in knowing more about our Lions club, please call 444-4081.

Brian P’Pool

The writer is club secretary.


Enrollment period

Is nothing new

Recent headlines have said: “Health Insurance Marketplace Isn't Year Round Anymore.” There you go again, stirring up trouble about the Affordable Care Act.

The insurance companies involved are basically selling “group” health insurance -- all the individual buyers are placed in a “group.” I've had health insurance through my employer for years and the insurance companies mandated an open enrollment period, a time to enroll (if you didn't when you became eligible), or make changes. If the open enrollment period was missed and there was no “qualifying event” during the year, you had to wait until the next open enrollment period next year to enroll for health insurance.

It is ridiculous that people are blaming Obamacare for their inability to understand the rules or realize the consequences of their stupidity.

Diana Mardall

Carolina Shores, N.C.

Common sense


of life’s mysteries

You love your child, so when you go for a car ride you buckle them up. You love your dog, so when you go for a ride it sits on your lap. Sudden stop equals squashed pet.

Why is it that every time we go to the movies, someone is talking during the show? I always ask them to please stop. Sometimes it works and then sometimes otherwise. At an early Thursday show, the theater is almost empty. Three senior ladies decide to sit right behind us. You guessed it: talk; talk; talk. We finally had to relocate.

Yield signs are red and white, just like a stop sign. The difference is, you stop at a stop sign and yield at a yield sign. There is always a merge lane so why do people stop?

Charles May

Little River