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Letters | Give your support to Truett in Surfside Beach run-off; Deals abound for snowbirds, locals in the ads; ‘Fair and balanced’ radio? You be the judge

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Truett deserves support

in Surfside run-off

Having grown up in the town of Surfside Beach and now raising my family here, I consider myself knowledgeable in regards to the town. Our town is still small and family friendly. We are low density compared to most beach towns. We have building height restrictions that limit high rises and overcrowding on our beach as well as zoning ordinances that keep us safe.

We have services within the town that are unmatched. Our parking concerns only exist a short time in the summer and then it's not that bad. Sammy Truett supports eliminating parking meters, keeping our town low density, and limiting building heights. His opponent has lived here a short time and has publicly supported the parking meters. Changing things because it worked somewhere else is not necessarily what works best for our town.

Hilary McCarthy

Surfside Beach

Winner throws support

to Truett in run-off

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those Town of Surfside Beach residents who voted for me in the April 8th election. I am grateful for your support and look forward to returning to town council.

As I walked our streets and talked with many of you, we have similar thoughts and ideas on how we move the town forward. Experience and strong leadership is paramount to ensure that our town is prepared for the future. Please join me in voting for Sammy Truett in the run-off election on April 22nd. Sammy knows the town, having lived here many years, raising his family, running his family-owned business and serving on town council for 10 years. We need him back.

Bob Childs

Surfside Beach


Plenty of deals available

for those who read the ads

This is in reply to all the letters I see regarding “locals” discounts. Why don't these Snowbirds just pick up a copy of the Sun News and patronize all the restaurants that advertise all winter “buy 1 get 1 free” or “buy 1 and get the second 1/2 off”? These ads are in the paper every day and I'm sure these places will welcome the “snowbirds” with open arms.

Enough griping already.

Carol Zalatores

Myrtle Beach


‘Fair and balanced’ radio?

You be the judge

One of our local, affiliated radio stations advertises itself as “fair and balanced.” The dictionary describes fair as “just, honest, reasonable and equitable;” and balanced as “equilibrium and impartial.”

After listening to this station for a few weeks to the tune of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Mark Levine, Michael Savage and Monika Crowly, I truly need to question the morality of this station to advertise itself as “fair and balanced?” Personally, I listen to all sides of the story to truly get a balanced picture of our nation and the world.

Norbert Flatow

Myrtle Beach