Letters to the Editor

Letter | Look for ways to combat pollution

I am writing to express my concern that many people in our community are ignoring, or perhaps are simply unaware of, the environmental problems plaguing our coastal community. Our beloved community is home to a plethora of wildlife, but many of these are put at risk by the draconian pollution. The legacy we are leaving behind for future generation is one full of pollution and a poisoned earth. There is still time to veer off of the trail that we are leading future generations toward.

I have begun to recycle papers and plastic bottles around school. And the Early College Recycle Team strives to inform our peers about way to help protect the environment. People can recycle their plastic and glass, and try to replace disposable things with more permanent options.

If you want to help a little more you can also do small things like turning off the water when brushing your teeth or looking for biodegradable material. If you are feeling up to the challenge you could even participate in beach and river sweeps. If everyone chips in maybe we can still reverse the damage and make Myrtle Beach beautiful again.

The writer is a student at Horry County’s Early College High School.