Letters to the Editor

We don’t need liberals to tell us how to feel

Re Dec. 16 column by Issac Baily, “We haven’t earned the right to mourn”

Can there be a more typical liberal/progressive response from the Issac Baileys of our world? Amazingly, he is able to read our minds and judge our emotions at a time when we are reacting the national tragedy which is Newtown. Don’t you love the way Issac starts the first six paragraphs with “We don’t care”? Come on, Issac, you know what you want to say is “you conservatives don’t care.” Issac, your liberal arrogance and assumed knowledge of others’ feelings is boundlessly incorrect.

Right, Issac, we are folks that want all that evil God stuff in our schools. We are folks that want teachers to teach that there are some absolute rights and wrongs to be followed in life (not “you can’t be judgmental”). We are the folks that think that violent video games are desensitizing our youth to the violence and the blood and gore that go with them.

We are now the folks that now need Issac Bailey to identify the absolute requirements to be able to mourn and to now need Issac to tell us why we cannot mourn. Hey Issac, maybe Obama will appoint you the mourning czar. You can write regulations for mourning; you can create a form that we have to fill out specifying the “Requirements for mourning according to Issac Bailey.”

What about the thousands of inner city kids who are currently in gangs across the country? How about all the younger kids in these cities who consider it their greatest achievement in life to accepted into one of these gangs? It is estimated that in the greater Los Angeles area alone there are 25,000 young people in gangs. Are we OK to grieve these kids that are killed on a daily basis, or do you have specific rules for that?

Obama will be attending funerals and making speeches about violence and of course “opening the dialogue,” having the conversation, “engaging” about gun control. Will he go to kids’ funerals in Detroit, Chicago, L.A.? Will he talk about disarming gangs? Will he talk about regulating violent videos that desensitize our youth and remove them from socializing and interacting in a normal fashion with people around them? I seriously doubt it. Issac and Obama are more concerned with us right-wing radicals with shotguns in our closets.

But Issac, the good news is (according to Chris Hayes on MSNBC), we liberals are winning the culture wars one battle at a time. How do you like the new culture so far?

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.