Letters to the Editor

Gun control won’t prevent shootings

Re Dec. 18 letter by Michal H. Hall, “Time for action on gun violence”

Let me start out by saying there are no words to describe the horrible events that happened in Newton last week. I’m sure everyone is shocked and angry over what happened and wants to take action to prevent this from ever happening again. This I think we can all agree on.

It is very easy to blame guns and lax gun laws for this tragedy. However guns cannot be held solely responsible for this deadly attack. As good as it sounds, the rifle used was not an “assault rifle.” The state of Connecticut already has a ban on those. As much as the media is anti-gun, even they had to admit the guns were purchased legally by the shooter’s mother. He killed her to gain possession of the guns used.

If we could somehow turn back the clock to a time before last Friday and knowing what we know now, what new laws could we have passed that could have prevented last week? Why do people think just because a law is passed, everyone especially criminals, misfits and the dregs of society will obey them? Connecticut also has a law which allows people to go before a judge and swear out a complaint against any gun owner if they feel said gun owner is acting in a manner as to present a danger to himself or others. If the judge finds probable cause, he issues an order and the subject’s guns are confiscated pending a court hearing.

Keep in mind Connecticut also has gun registration All guns bought and sold are tracked. The point I am trying to make here is that Connecticut already has very strict gun laws and even those did not prevent last week’s shooting from happening. Hiding behind feel good legislation is not the answer.

I am not advocating any ultimate solution. What I am saying is this is a complex issue with no easy fix. Anyone who feels all we have to do is create stricter gun laws then sit back will have a very sad awakening.

Mr. Hall, as most anti-gun people, loves to throw out very large numbers, “saving thousands upon thousands of lives by doing away with concealable handguns.” Gets your attention doesn’t it.

I do not see any figures quoted by Mr. Hall showing all the people who are alive today only because they had the presence of mind to have a firearm handy. How can that be you ask? Very simple, criminals and other like minded people don’t want to get shot by their intended victim. A legal concealed firearm puts the weaker, older or outnumbered victim on an equal or better footing than the aggressor.

Remember the old saying, “when seconds count, the police (hopefully) are only minutes away.” A criminal will use or do anything to gain what he wants. He is not concerned with the welfare of you or your loved ones, in fact many times the opposite is true. I hope Mr. Hall never has to experience this first hand.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.