Letters to the Editor

We need to put God back in our lives

Given the horror of the past few days, does anyone really object to stricter gun laws? I don’t think so.

Our babies, our children are worth whatever we have to do to protect them. If that includes stricter gun laws, bullet proof windows and armed guards in our schools, then let’s do it! If it saves one innocent child, it is well worth it.

But then, do we need to get a license and have a background check for sharp knives? Or baseball bats, brass knuckles, iron pipes, bare fists, hands around throats? Sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? Stricter laws aren’t going to solve the deeper problem we have.

The problem that caused the suffering and horror in Connecticut comes from us. It comes from what we have allowed to happen to our society. And it is many faceted but stems from a basic truth. In the 1960s when we allowed one evil woman, Madalyn O’Hair, to take prayer out of our schools, we started down a path from which we have never returned. By doing that, we began a trend to remove God from everything this country was founded on and for.

The moral fiber of our society has been removed and our children can no longer determine what is right or wrong. Even the mentally ill can be taught right and wrong and God can reach us all, even those who are disturbed. We raise our children to expect to be given everything the world has to offer and when they don’t get it, they are enraged and lash out at the parents who try so desperately to give it all to them in the first place. We no longer have a family unit that eats together, prays together and lives together.

This mother who allowed guns in the home of a mentally disturbed young man, taught him how to use them skillfully, then allowed him to roam freely among our innocent children, is guiltier than the shooter! She wanted to bond with him by using a gun? If you are a parent, I’m begging you to take your child to church, let him or her learn about Christ and his teachings. Let them have knowledge of what is right and good and how to deal with disappointment and suffering.

The only way this kind of violence and senseless tragedy will stop, is by putting God back in our lives.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.