Letters to the Editor

Forget Obamacare; I-73 the real boondoggle

Re Dec. 16 column by Rep. Alan Clemmons, “Obamacare: Bad medicine for S.C.”

Yes Alan, you are so concerned that Obamacare will force South Carolina and its citizens to have and pay for health insurance, something they want, need and will benefit from. You say it will be too expensive? How expensive is it when they do not have health insurance and need emergency care and hospitalization which we all pay for?

You say that other states have “opted out” so we should follow their lead, not do what is right for South Carolina, just go along with the eliminate government, right wing, do nothing crowd.

But it is OK for you to insist that S.C. citizens and the federal government fund with our taxes your boondoggle road I-73 because it is in the best interest of your personal friends, business associates and political contributors? Yeah, we think we get it Alan. You then say you don’t know what Obamacare would require in the states. Let me tell you. Over 50 million U.S. citizens will have health care and be insured against catastrophic health bills and possible bankruptcy.

So, Alan, maybe you should be forced to “repeal and replace” your support of the unnecessary I-73 road. Fix our existing crumbling roads and bridges. That will save all of us bundles of tax money.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.