Letters to the Editor

Consider mentoring in Horry County

My name is Tecia Jenkins, and I am a senior at Early College High School. I hope to get the people of our local community involved with mentoring the children and collecting items for them.

Studies say that if more people were involved in mentoring, the violence among young people would decrease and the dropout rate would also decrease. In Horry County, there are many children in need of mentors. Community members can get involved by starting a new organization or by participating in established organizations like Sea Haven, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, or A Father’s Place. By taking part, you can make a difference which could change a child’s life.

Mentoring could take many forms: helping with homework, volunteering at a daycare or afterschool program, or just being a helping hand and ear to a child. On my journey to help the children in our community, I have come across some strong, determined children. One girl was 10 years old and mute; I do not know the cause of her disability, but she was not taught sign language or given any other device with which to communicate. While she is full of laughter and determined to fit in with the other kids, this young girl is in desperate need of someone that can teach her the basic things in life necessary for her survival.

The children of today are our future. I would like to invite everyone in our community to take interest in mentoring; you will not regret it.

The writer lives in Conway.