Letters to the Editor

‘We’ can’t mourn? Don’t count me in that ‘we’

Re Dec. 16 column by Issac Bailey, “We haven’t earned the right to mourn”

In this latest diatribe, Mr. Bailey alleges that “we,” whoever that is, don’t care about the killing sprees of innocent children and adults across our country.

“We only care about protecting ourselves against an imagined, paranoid future world in which the federal government might some day use its arms against its citizens.”

“We” must be him and his extreme liberal friends and associates. “We” certainly does not include me nor, I believe, most subscribers to The Sun News! How dare he presume to know what those of us not within his “we” care about.

Do the “we” that haven't earned the right mourn include the families, relatives and friends of the millions of our military men and women who have lost their lives defending Mr. Bailey's homeland and preserving his freedom to write and publish his opinions?

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.