Letters to the Editor

Culture to blame for tragedy, not guns

Re Dec. 16 column by Issac Bailey, “We haven't earned the right to mourn”

So, we haven't earned the right to mourn. Let's look at this from another perspective, shall we.

Being a lifelong resident of one of the “blue” states, Michigan, I would like to inform readers of some other issues that perhaps we haven't “earned the right to mourn.”

The governments of, just to name a few, Saginaw, Flint, Pontiac and Detroit have for over at least 40 years consistently been run by liberal Democrats (yes, this statement must mean that I am an evil Christian conservative.) This would include city councils, boards of education, police and executive offices and of course mayors. In those past and present years the schools as well as neighborhoods, families, et al., have socially, economically and, dare I say, morally declined drastically.

No one can criticize or suggest or say anything to help. Every weekend, if not every day, guns are drawn and people lose their lives. Again, we are not to judge, we are to keep our mouths shut, mind our own business or speak about the base culture that these gun toters are a part of. Our tax dollars are never refused or returned to our counties. We just become demonized when it is convenient to blame someone or something. I might add that it mostly comes from the more liberal of the media and press; we just hate children, we are those evil conservatives, and so on.

I would like to know where Mr. Bailey’s concern is for the gang members who carry guns 24/7 and are the arbiters of all this madness in the inner cities. When will they be asking to turn in their arms?

At no other time in our history is it more important to maintain our Second Amendment. By the way, I'm sure Mr. Bailey knows if not for this amendment, the First Amendment could be eradicated and then he and his brethren in the press would have nowhere to turn.

So, excuse me while I mourn without your permission, as I mourn also the loss of innocence in our home state every day, as well as in our country of the unborn.

There have always been guns and troubled minds, but if you follow the course of the last three decades you will see the biggest influence is the culture. You can decide for yourself what that entails.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.