Letters to the Editor

Put undercover marshals in schools

The time has come that every school in America needs to have the equivalent of a sky marshal. Right now Homeland Security can hire retired police officers to be school marshals, armed and trained first responders that can act immediately to counter these ever increasing violent acts.

The school marshal should be anonymous and can double as a teacher or counselor or work in the cafeteria, even pushing a broom. Only the principal knows who he or she is. Uniformed officers and security are often the first target of these terrorists, anonymity is key. Security is plan A, when that fails and the gunman gets into the school, plan B has to be to stop the terrorist immediately.

Retired law enforcement officers are the largest trained, armed militia in the U.S. and they are relatively untapped. Create hundreds of thousands of jobs right now, while our children and teachers need to be protected immediately from these future threats of violence.

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.