Letters to the Editor

Issues with Horry County recycling

I am a senior at Early College High School and I have firsthand experience of the issues of recycling in my school district. I want everyone to know of the issues with recycling in Horry County.

The recycling center on S.C. 544 has a not so good number of issues. Horry County students’ knowledge of proper recycling is lacking as well. The recycling center has issues such as keeping easy access to the recycling bins because the recycling center keeps only one door open and it all piles on one side which makes it more difficult to empty bags into it. They also have nothing to prevent those who would recycle there from getting stung by bees. I believe something should be done about this, such as bug repellent or someone to take the bags for you so it is less of a risk to your person.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.