Letters to the Editor

Why is U.S. 17 Bypass work taking so long?

It’s Thursday and no work is being done on widening U.S. 17 Bypass at S.C. 707. Are these workers getting paid by the hour or by the job? Certainly not by the output of the work they do. I travel to Vancouver about twice a year. The state had to widen a two-lane road into four in less than three years’ time. We’re talking about rock and mountains being taken down or building roads out from cliffs for 30 miles. This three-year project was completed in less than two years and seven months.

On U.S. 17 Bypass all we’re taking about is moving some sand and changing some lanes. I’m sure that as of this date they have been away from the job more than they have worked. Will we be faced by another year of traffic jams due slow work?

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.