Letters to the Editor

The Republican Party’s demise

The Republican Party did not lose because it was too extreme. It lost because it did not show a clear choice between itself and the progressive left. We must understand that we cannot win by out giving free stuff like the Democrats. We ran the most moderate/weakest candidate in an attempt to appeal to the very people we claim are wrong. If you don’t like the current laws, the Constitution lays out a process for changing it. There is nothing to be gained by going around, over or under it as the Democrats have been doing.

The way the game is supposed to be played is as follows: The progressives move the ball to the left until the public screams. The conservatives come in and move it back in the other direction. It’s called the pendulum effect. The problem is, the only true conservative in the last generation was Reagan. He was the last to move things back to the right. Outside of him, what has happened for years is that conservatives have managed to stop the ball at times, but never moved it back. Progressives laugh, pull us off our game, stall us, and simply wait to pick up the ball where they left it and move on.

We started much of this loss of distinction when we elected the first Bush. One can look at family political positions from world government to secret societies to progressive positions and draw their own conclusions. Look at his congressional voting record. Reagan knew this, disliked everything he stood for, but accepted him as vice president rather than disrupt the process. Later he was arguably the most qualified man ever to enter the White House. Congressman, ambassador, head of the CIA, vice president for 8 years under the strongest president of the century. What did he do? Nothing.

From his watch on we saw significant progressive gains. God was being pushed farther and farther out the back door. We saw cabinet/adviser people put in place whose influence went on for over a decade. When Jr. was shuffling his cabinet years later, wasn’t it really the family deck.

We saw a resurgence of conservative values as Newt put forward the “Contract with America.” Things went well for a while, even under Clinton. Republicans got control and then promptly forgot what they had pledged to in the contract. Term limits are the solution. These same “conservatives” that are still there today negotiating the Republican position had their ideals corrupted by power. They saw how the Democrats win by giving something for nothing and more for less. It is a living example of what happens when God is removed from the equation. No God equals no moral or ethical compass. Personal responsibility goes out the window. We see it all over America.

The tea party came into existence, not to make the Republican Party extremist, but to wake up America and return it to its values. 2010 showed us that we must: Remember God. Remember the Constitution. Remember taxation without representation. Remember the government works for us, not the other way around. Remember the law.

I believe that there are godly, honest people on both sides of the aisle who are longing for someone to stand up for what is right. It is not the tea party that is polluting American children’s brains, it is progressives. If we remember what was normal and analyze who took us from there to here, I guarantee that you cannot conclude that it was the tea party. If you long for America to return to these values which made us great, the tea party door is open to you irrespective of what party label you wear.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.