Letters to the Editor

Obama has wrought change, but not for good

President Obama promised the country that he was going to bring about change. He is the rare politician that has fulfilled a campaign promise.

In his quest to bring about a generational change, he has wreaked havoc upon the generation born 1925-1945.

We went through an era of two wars, WWII and Korea. We went through a postwar period of happiness: peace, jobs, suburbs, big band/swing music, rock ’n roll, cars, Playboy magazine. During our generation, we witnessed the first hopeful drumbeats of Civil Rights. This generation witnessed pre-feminism; women stayed home generally to raise children, if they worked it was only certain jobs, such as teacher, nurse or secretary. Men pledged loyalty to the corporation, once we got a job, we generally kept it for life.

Members grew up with radio plays and early television as their mass media. They faithfully attended formal religious services and prayers were recited in many areas of public life without any objections from the minority of non-believers. In addition, the difference between right and wrong was not debatable. Members of this generation tend to avoid acronyms, abbreviations, and shorthand phrases such as, “you know.”

Members believed that marriage is encouraged and having children out of wedlock is to be avoided. In grammar school, the difference between right and wrong was rigidly enforced using corporal punishment.

Members of this generation are avid followers of international, national, state and local politics and news events. This generation came of age during the great post-war economic boom and still believes in the dream of home ownership.

The early years of this generation took place during the Great Depression and WWII where almost everyone learned to do without and resourceful means were required to make even the smallest amount of food, clothing and money stretch as far as possible. World War II and the Great Depression were the foundation of this generation’s moral and ethical values.

Over the years, the hard work and skills honed by this generation built up our nation with an infrastructure that would allow present generations to live out the American Dream. Sadly, many of this generation have lost a step or two to Father Time, but old age has not caused them to switch the generational moral and ethical values instilled in them from their early years to 21st century secular-progressive political expediency ushered in by the re-election of President Obama.

The logical question for historians to answer is, “What will be the values and principles of the new generation?”

Overnight the newest generation has consigned to the dustbin of history the values and principles of the above described generation. Where the generation described in the above paragraphs sacrificed, struggled and worked hard to achieve the quality of life we all possess, we now have a president that encourages a new generation that should take from others rather than work hard to achieve personal success.

The new generation is going to learn the hard way that nothing in life is free and all of the spending and giving free things to his political followers must be paid by someone. That someone is all of us. How much time will it be when we run out of money to pay for President Obama’s free things?

In addition, when will the new generation learn that free things have strings attached? The misguided voters that pulled the lever for President Obama will learn the hard way that one end of the string is tied to free things and the other end of the string is tied to loss of personal freedom and a Western-European style socialistic lower standard of living.

John F. Kennedy stated the following during his inaugural address before the nation in 1961:

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.