Letters to the Editor

Tea party is dooming GOP

The election just passed would supposedly tell the American public something rather important about themselves, but it didn’t; it supposedly explained to the Republican Party that it is doing something very, very wrong, but it has failed to do so; and it supposedly caused the beginning of a change very much for the better in all politicians.

The tea party is the key to understanding this.

The tea party came into visible existence during the 2010 Republican sweep. It won so very many seats in the House of Representatives that the Republican Party won control of the House, but the tea party members gained rather firm control of the Republican Party there as well.

Indeed, since that time they have run tea party members against regular Republicans in primary races in a substantial number of places, as the ousted senator from Indiana – Richard Lugar – can regretfully testify to.

It is now rather apparent that the tea party doesn’t want to join forces with the Republican Party at all, but instead wants to completely control the Republican Party.

The tea party still says no new taxes!

The tea party suggests that the needed funds may be garnered by taking money from Medicaid and Medicare, and other domestic programs, all of which currently dramatically help the middle and lower classes of Americans. Nor does the tea party say how the needs of these people would be met in the future given no new taxes.

As more and more Americans become aware of this paucity of intellectual cognition, the popularity of the Republican Party is going to continue to diminish, if it doesn’t split into two parties first.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.