Letters to the Editor

Let’s respect and listen to each other

The letters to the editor in Thursday's Sun News had lots to say about me, an Obama supporter. Perhaps it is time to stop calling names and instead work to make our communities function – one person at a time. Can any ordinary citizen change the school rankings of a state and make them match its financial ranking? Can any of us – right now – solve the enormous evolving problems of our society/our government/our people?

What we can do is start with ourselves. Begin the healing. Reach out and do something for your community. Concerned about education? Find a program that allows you to mentor a student. Tutor a student. Read to a child. Concerned about our sense of community? Volunteer in your local community to do something that makes where you live a better place.

We desperately need to respectfully listen to each other. We may differ in our political views, but hatred and name calling is not what America is built upon. Our families, our community, respect, that's where America starts. Let's walk together as American citizens daring to believe that all people are created equal and make that belief live in our daily lives.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.