Letters to the Editor

Beloved pets poisoned in Little River

Professionals say the deliberate torture and killing of animals is the first sign of criminal behavior. My two Shelties were fatal victims of such criminal behavior.

I bought a home in a Little River community that claimed an active, caring HOA. You know the kind, more concerned with how long holiday ornaments are on the front lawn than the community’s distress over a resident who breeds feral cats (35 at last count). These cats needed to be inoculated, neutered and provided with proper shelter.

The fault isn’t with the cats but with the irresponsible behavior of the breeder and the do-nothing HOA. As a result a monster was created who crept around placing poison on lawns.

No one knows who did it but when questioned all knew how it was done. Meat laced with poison on lawns.

I am inconsolable. Mim and Leo were beautiful, well-behaved, friendly, sweet dogs. They were the best and losing a family member, yes family member, in such a despicable manner is very difficult to bear.

Who will be the next victim of such abhorrent behavior, an innocent toddler?

The writer lives in Little River.